Magic Moments Trust is a Non-Profit Organization, based in Everton Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, and has developed a Painting Programme that helps people to discover, develop and express their creativity, through teaching painting skills and providing them with access to the economy. The aim of this initiative is to empower and enhance the lives of people who are unemployed and from rural areas.

The fabric painting workshops help them develop confidence in their painting abilities, and provide them with purpose and a passion, and, as an outcome, to feel that they are worthy and contributing towards an inclusive society. 

As unemployment grows, people are exploring business ventures of their own. Arts and Crafts have a valuable role to play in the creation of employment and the upliftment of people in rural areas. It is also an opportunity for people with disabilities, HIV and TB to learn a new skill and generate an income. The painters are encouraged to share their new found artistic skills with family members and within their community, and become trainers themselves. 

Magic Moments Fabric Painting has provided painting lessons to communities for many years and, through The Magic Moments Trust, is able to offer companies the opportunity to contribute to this unique and empowering programme through introducing them to opportunities to enhance their BEE status through optimising points allocated to Socio-Economic Development.