The Magic Moments Trust Painting Programme, established by Daisy White, helps people to discover and develop their creativity through teaching them painting skills and providing them with access to the economy.

White is passionate about this initiative and her aim is to enhance the lives of people, especially women, who are unemployed and from rural areas. She says, “The fabric painting workshops help people develop confidence in their painting abilities, and provide them with purpose and a passion, and, as an outcome, to feel that they are worthy and contributing towards an inclusive society.”

White, an artist, designs every expanding range of unique art work. The designs are printed on to fabric and the articles, which include bags, cushion covers, aprons and table cloths, are sewn and prepared for painting.

The artists meet weekly for approximately six-hour painting sessions. At each session the artists are taught fabric painting techniques and given a chance to practice their new skills. The artists each receive a product to paint and are paid for the articles completed at the end of the lesson. They also receive a meal, money for transport, and are given another product including paint and brushes, which they can take home, paint and sell.

     These lessons create the opportunity for people to be equipped with new skills that have the potential to provide themselves with a constant flow of income. Some of the artists have gone on to receive orders from people within their communities to paint bags, cushion covers and table cloths. “These orders fill the recipients with pride and dignity knowing that people appreciate their painting skills and are buying their painted products,” says White. Painters are also encouraged to share their new found artistic skills with family members and others within their communities.  

Through SED sponsorships from Kerry International (Hillcrest) and MSW Consulting (Pietermaritzburg) to the 1000 Hills Community Centre, Magic Moments Trust painting programme was able to facilitate 45 painting workshops in 2017 which empowered many people from the 1000 Hills Community. The beneficiaries of the sponsorships painted various products which included 680 bags, table runners, cushion covers, wall hangings, aprons and placemats.

The success of the Magic Moments Trust painting programme is evident in that creations have been sold in the 1000 Hills Community Centre shop to tourists and local visitors. In addition, the Centre has received orders from as far afield as Australia and Scotland.

   The Durban International Conference Centre ordered 400 painted bags in 2017 to give to delegates for a conference in 2018. Such orders provide extra earning opportunities for the painters.  

The Magic Moments Trust is passionate about helping their artists to become self-sustaining and hopes to continue multiplying the volume of products painted.  In line with this drive, the Trust is busy creating an opportunity for these artist entrepreneurs to sell their painted goods in London.

 Mike Miller, the London – based founder of SAFRA, a leading importer of South African products into the United Kingdom, has identified with the project. As a result, he is willing to help the Magic Moments Trust distribute these products in the United Kingdom via his established network through his company’s website.  

An expansion into the United Kingdom market, with its strong currency, has significant potential to produce fresh income flows benefit impoverished rural communities whose members want to ‘do it for themselves’!

Through the Magic Moments Trust, companies are offered the opportunity to contribute to this unique and empowering programme. through introducing them to opportunities to enhance their BEE status through optimising points allocated to Socio-Economic Development.

Magic Moments Trust is also looking for outlets to distribute these products locally.  Says white, “My aim is to help these budding artists grow their dreams and reach new goals…as an example to other members of their community.”